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Tuesday, July 10th 2012

12:55 AM

Free tiny teen porn


Related article: Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 00:42:20 +0000 From: hankster1430bellsouth.net Subject: David and Jonathan Chapter 7David and Jonathan Chapter SevenSteve paid his landlord a penalty to break his lease so that he could move in with Clay and the twins. It actually took one concern away from Mindy. She hated the idea of the twins drunk teen porn pic being alone when Clay had to work late. Now she knew that Clay and Steve would be home for them on work nights.After the first night that the four Caldwells had romped together, they pretty much just slept with their own partners. sandra teen nude Occasionally, as a special treat or on a special occasion, the four of them played together. They never closed their bedroom doors, however. The sounds of love coming from the other room always turned them on and added to their sexual pleasure. Also they all loved the freedom of running around the house naked. It seemed to free their spirits as well as their bodies.Once Clay realized how mature his sons were, he did what his grandfather had done. On days when they had no after school activities, he sent a limo around to pick up his sons and take them to the office. He and Steve started officially to train the twins to take over the business.One day David asked Clay if he and Jon could get a membership at Uncle Juan's gym since it was so close to the office. They said that they wanted to begin to build up their bodies. They could go after work for an hour or so and still get home for dinner. Clay thought that was a good idea. They were almost fifteen at the time and nearly fully mature. The twins, as usual, had ulterior motives. They had every intention of seducing Juan. Clay got them memberships, at a huge discount of course.Juan became their personal trainer and within weeks you could see the muscles in their bodies began to grow and bulge. Clay and Steve could see the changes also and they sought to sleep with the boys more often than in the past.One day, a few months into the training, David said he felt something pull in his back and asked Juan if he would give him a massage. "Sure," he said. "Follow me." He led them to the massage teen 8 porn room where immediately the two young men stripped naked.Juan was a little surprised and said that there was no reason free teen porn com for them to strip totally. David insisted that he didn't want Juan to miss a spot. Besides they had nothing that Juan hadn't seen before. "You were infants then. Remember?" Juan protested. He realized that he wasn't going to get anywhere and could not help but notice that the twins were rising to the occasion. His own cock was beginning to peek through his skimpy gym shorts. He never wore underwear.He lay David on his stomach, applied a lotion generously to his palms and began to knead David's body in his usual sensual manner. He was just reacting to habit. Every time his hands caressed David's butt, David lifted his body to give Juan access to what was underneath. Still out of habit, he coated David's hardon with lotion and stroked it teasingly. He was getting so carried away, he never noticed Jon come up behind him.Jon was watching and dripping precum copiously. He reached for the bottle of lotion on the tray beside the massage table and rubbed it on his cock very generously. rebel teen porn Then, with one clean jerk, he pulled Juan's shorts down and pushed his cock against Juan's crack. He had to bend a little because he was already four inches taller than Juan. With his oiled up palm, Jon began to lubricated Juan's ass and insert first one and then two fingers with no opposition. If Juan had ever had one feeling of guilt, it simply evaporated. He was lost in lust and passion. While Jon was placing his dripping cock head against Juan's love canal, Juan was gently turning David around. He kneaded David's body from top to bottom, but when Jon entered him fully, he could control himself no longer. He leaned over to gain access to rebel teen porn David's cock thereby giving Jon better access to his ass and to his cock. Jon began to pump Juan's ass and stroke his cock.They were all caught up in the glory of the moment. None of them wanted it to end so they sucked and stroked slowly trying to prolong the inevitable. When Jon could no longer hold back, he began to stroke harder. Juan began to cum too so he began to suck harder, and they all came almost simultaneously.Jon's hand was full of Juan's cum. When they separated, he rubbed the cum all over David's body. Juan spit out what was left of David's spunk from his mouth onto David's chest and they all feasted on the sweet nectar of love. Juan led them to the showers, where they were able to play some more before dressing. When the twins left the gym, Juan called a taxi for them, and while waiting he said, "Well gentlemen, that was a pleasant surprise."Jon responded by telling him that there would be no more surprises, just steady customers. Juan was still smiling when the cab pulled away.Besides his activity with Clay, the twins and Juan, Steve had plenty of action on the side. To him sex was a wild animal hunt and he was the hunter. Often a hunky young dude would stop at reception and announce that he had an appointment with Mr. Stephen Caldwell in regard to opening an account with the firm. Nobody was fooled. Most of these guys looked like they couldn't afford a Saturday teen asian porn site matinee at the movies, much less open a multi million dollar free nasty teen porn account. They would always be escorted politely to Steve's office. Steve would then usher them in with a warm handshake and a `how nice to meet you.' He would ask Amy not to be disturbed. Then he would close and lock his door, and proceed with the business at hand. Pun intended.Very few of these guys ever appeared for a second time, but it just so happens that Steve had a thing for Latin men. A good looking man, named Jose Catina, had been around for at least three visits. Nobody wondered why he hadn't opened an account yet. "He's a hard sell," Steve informed Amy after one of his visits. To which Amy replied, "Yeah, I'll bet he's hard" That gave them both a good laugh.One morning, Jose showed up without an appointment. He was very agitated and said that he had to see Steve at once. When the receptionist buzzed him, Steve said bring him right in. teen under 17 porn He locked the door behind him and started to teen having sex remove his tie."No, not this time," Jose said."Whatsa matter?" Steve asked. "Don't I pay you enough?""It's not that. I have something I gotta tell you. I just found out I'm HIV positive, and the last time we were together you rode me bareback. I feel it's my responsibility to tell everyone I've been with." He added, "That I know how to reach. Some guys, I didn't even know their names."Jose collapsed in a chair and buried his head in his arms. Steve also collapsed on his chair. "Oh my God," he moaned, "Oh my God." When he was able to stand, he went over to Jose and put his arm around him. "Are you going to be OK?" he asked. "Is there anything I can do for you?""No," Jose answered. It's my problem, and I'll deal with it." He got up to leave and said to Steve, "Here's looking at you, kid."Steve sat down at his desk and started to cry. After he composed himself, he buzzed Clay and told him that they had to talk about a teen orgy porn pictures very serious matter. Clay could tell that Steve was not in one of his practical joke modes and rushed right over to his uncle's office. He found Steve at his desk with his head buried in his arms and sobbing. Clay quickly closed and locked the door. He ran over to Steve, stood him up and wrapped his arms around him."What's wrong baby?" he asked. It took a while for Steve to compose himself enough to speak."You know Jose, the hot Latino I told you about? He's HIV positive." It took a few seconds for that statement to register in Clay's brain. "Since I have been with him several times, I didn't always use protection," Steve went on. Clay's first thoughts went to the twins."You idiot," Clay roared. Then he lowered his voice. "Didn't you think about the rest of us?" Steve began to cry hysterically."I wasn't thinking at all," he sobbed.Clay couldn't stand to see his lover so distraught and he softened. He put his arms around Steve and held his face against his chest. "Let's go," he said teen gyno porn softly."Where to?""To the doctor to be tested."The twins were scheduled to work that afternoon and then they were looking forward to having a session with Juan after hours. When they arrived, Clay ushered them into his office."Listen carefully to me," he said very sternly to the twins. "I need for you to tell me the truth. It's a matter of life or death. No matter what you tell me there will be no consequences. Besides Steve and me, have you had unprotected sex with anyone else in the past few months?" The boys began to squirm. Juan was their little secret. teen porn sites free It was obvious to Clay that the twins had something to hide. "Please," he begged. "Whoever it is, I won't care. I swear. You've got to tell me for that person's own welfare."Finally Jon said, "Uncle Juan. Nobody else. I swear.""Thank God," Clay said. The boys certainly didn't expect that reaction. Clay went on, "Juan knows already and has been tested.""What does Juan know already? Will somebody please tell us what's going on," David protested."Yes, I will. On the way to the doctor." That night at dinner, the havana ginger teen porn mood was somber and very little was said. Mindy was concerned. "Is anything wrong, boys?" she wanted to know."Nothing Mindy," Steve said, "just some business teen gyno porn stuff. There's nothing you need worry about." She was totally unconvinced. After she cleaned up and left, the family met in the living room for a conference."I swear to God," Clay said, "if we get through this clean none of us can ever have sex again with anyone who is not in this room right now."David asked seriously, "Could you amend that to `unprotected sex?'""What about Uncle Juan?" Jon wanted to know."Especially Uncle Juan. During the course of his massages, he could get carried away and forget to protect himself. I'll speak to him about having condoms available at all times. If we agree to having only protected sex outside of this room, it becomes our individual responsibilities to make sure we are protected at all times. Is that agreed?"Everyone nodded their heads and they shook on it.The doctor promised to call within forty-eight free shool teen porn hours. During business hours he said he would call the office. If the results came after hours he promised to call at home. They all jumped every time the phone rang. The phone rang at the office on the second day in the mid afternoon. It was the doctor. He told them that they were all healthy. When they inquired about Juan, he told them that he could only speak to Juan, as it was confidential, but added that they could call Juan themselves to get the good news.Clay called Mindy and told her that they had something to celebrate and she should not make dinner that night. Well that beats the wake of the other night she thought. When the boys arrived at the office, Clay gave them the good news. He also said to forget the gym after work. They were all going out to celebrate. David and Jonathan thought only free teen porn galleris of the celebration they would have at home that night. They had abstained since they got the bad news about Jose just in case not all of them were infected. Tonight they all planned on letting off some steam.Dinner turned out to be a waste of time. None of the Caldwells had their minds on food. To a teen porn sites free man they were anticipating the outing to come at home. They didn't linger and skipped dessert. In the cab home Steve sat up front and Clay and his boys sat in the rear with Clay in the middle. For the entire ride home they were each massaging someone's cock, someone's other than their group teen sex own.Four men undressed quicker than Superman in a phone both. David yelled, "Let the games begin." They chose to romp in Steve's and Clay's king size bed. porn shemale teen Soon there bodies became entangled as they sucked and fucked. They spent no more than several strokes at each activity before switching partners and trying a different sexual act. They were having so much fun and getting so exhausted. They laughed and kissed and kissed and kissed. Eventually, they could hold free teen porn com back no longer. One by one they began to cum. Try as hard as they might not to dirty the sheets, they were asien teen porn wet with love juice and Clay decided the best thing would be to simply change the linen.After the linen was changed, they showered two at a time and laid their fresh scented bodies on the sweet smelling, fresh sheets. They fell asleep in one bed facing away from each other like nesting spoons, their cocks nestled up against the butt in front of them. David had front position but was not left out. His father's palm caressed his cock all night long.And that's how they spent their days, or I should say their nights. Days were filled with work, school, training for the boys, work outs at the gym, occasional visits to the massage room for protected sex, theaters, movies, restaurants, and all the rest the great city of New York had to offer. And finally, high school graduation.The twins were enrolled at Harvard of course and had a three bedroom dorm room just as Steve and Clay had had their first year. But unlike their experience, it turned out that the twins' room mate was totally dedicated to the gay life style and David and Jonathan were to begin a different phase in their lives.Their room mate was John Chapman (the rooms were assigned in alphabetical order) who was even buffer than the twins, a gorgeous hunk, who was going to school on a football scholarship. After they met their room mate, who showed them a clean bill of health from his doctor, the free teen nude pics three freshmen had terrific sex nightly. One night they made a pact.They would individually attempt to seduce a male student, or better yet, a faculty member. Whoever seduced the most men by the end of freshman year would be the winner. The prize was to be discussed and determined at a later date. To make it a little harder they agreed that to be the teen having sex winner you also had to have a B or better average. free tiny teen porn They shook on it.David grinned at the other two and said, "This is going to be one hell of a year."To be continued...
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Tuesday, July 10th 2012

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